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The artwork is a considerable technical achievement; the cement was obtained from France a year before it became available in the UK. The Edinburgh based fine art foundry Powderhall Bronze were engaged by the artists to make very accurate moulds of the original draped car, these had to be robust enough to withstand the hydro static pressure of the 13.6 tones of concrete that would be used to create the piece. Powderhall Bronze managed the fabrication part of the project. Border Concrete Products Ltd were precast subcontractors to Powderhall Bronze, responsible for; design liaison and consultation on precasting methodology, including advising on fiberglass mould design, mix design including trials of scale models, design and assembly of Peri Vario formwork framework, with design input from Peri. Border Concrete Products were also responsible for final set up, rebar and concrete production and filling and handling of the car. Arup, principal consultant engineers to Powderhall Bronze were responsible for structural design and detailing, critical loadcases including lifting, 3D modeling of car following laser scan of mould, mix design and durability discussions with BCP. Together this team brought considerable expertise to the project and its realisation.

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